Bonneau Park in Sugar Land, TX, is a tucked-away ecological treasure that has been partly hidden from view for some years. It is a stunning part of the sugar landscape, and fortunate for locals and visitors alike, the public can now access it. This park is spectacular in many ways, possessing unique natural topography, rich history, and incredible potential to serve as a research, educational, and recreational area. Learn more here.

Bonneau Park was created in 1979 as a park dedicated to conservation. It is located at 12000 Bonneau Rd, Sugar Land, TX. It is situated on the banks of Oyster Creek, an outcropping of the Brazos River, and bounded by E Highway 6, Bonneau Rd, and Oyster Creek. The terrain is primarily flat, and the park comprises diverse habitats. Learn more about Bonneau Park in Sugar Land, TX: An Ecological Treasure.

Bonneau Park has several forest types: riparian, savanna, bottomland hardwood, grassland, and coastal prairie. In addition, the park’s topography varies, including large hills, pinelands, low-lying wetland areas, and deep ravines. This wide range of topographies provides habitats for a variety of wildlife.