Lost Creek Park is an incredible nature preserve in Los Angeles, California. It’s well known for its abundant wildlife, natural beauty, and picturesque views. With its vast network of trails, Lost Creek Park offers many exciting recreational opportunities for hikers, joggers, and cyclists alike. The park has 8 miles of varied trails, ranging from broad, level paths ideal for strolls to more challenging, rocky trails with steep elevation changes. Adventure seekers will love exploring the incredibly diverse terrain, taking in unique rock formations, breathtaking cliffs, and calming streams. No matter what type of trail you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at Lost Creek Park! Here, you can plan an easy nature walk, an adventurous run, or a challenging hike- whatever you’re in the mood for. Check out the park’s website for maps and helpful tips! The “Lost Creek Trail” is the park’s signature path and a must-see for avid hikers. This two-mile out-and-back is both rewarding and challenging.  Learn more here.

Starting from the park’s north end, you’ll climb a steady incline with sharp twists and turns until you reach the top of a rocky ridge. Here, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning view of the mountainous terrain and the distant, sprawling cityscape. With its changing elevation, water crossings, and spectacular views, the Lost Creek Trail is a perfect outdoor adventure and a great way to exercise. If you’re looking for a quieter, more low-key experience, Lost Creek Park offers several other trails perfect for bird watchers and nature lovers. The two-mile “Gallagher Trail,” for instance, winds through a vast meadow, where you’ll spot a variety of native plants, birds, and animals. The mile-long “Thompson Trail” is another excellent option – it’s shorter and promises scenic views of the surrounding area. For experienced hikers, the “Rowe Trail” is a must-do. This 2.5-mile loop winds up and down steep hills, taking you to some of the park’s most breathtaking sections. With its rugged terrain, this trail promises a unique, daring experience. Learn more about Exploring the Trails of Lost Creek Park.